Marley: Shih Tzu

Marley has been REHOMED.

Marley is a friendly confident dog, full of character and will make a great companion dog for an experienced, active home.

Marley hasn’t quite received the boundary training he should have had as a puppy and young dog, he doesn’t like the word ‘No’ and can display his displeasure by baring his teeth and he has been known to air snap. This is quite easy to resolve, particulary in such a young dog, and already his behaviour has decreased dramatically now that firm boundaries have been put in place, and this will need to be continued in his new home. Once Marley knows he can’t get away with it he soon gives in for an easy life, and a treat!

Marley is happy in the company of other dogs, he is house trained and fine to be left for a few hours.

We are looking for an experienced home who will continue to give Marley firm boundaries and continue his training, he loves his walks, and has excellent manners onlead, so he will need an active home without young children.

3 year old Marley is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. As a non moulting breed, please take into consideration regular grooming costs before applying to adopt him.

If you are interested in offering Marley a home, please complete our online Adoption Form

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.

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