Muffin: Chihuahua

Muffin has been REHOMED.

Don’t be fooled, as pretty as she is Muffin is no handbag dog, she’s all Chihuahua! Fiesty, stubborn, loving, assertive, outgoing, active, intelligent, independent, great fun and a good guard dog to boot.

Muffin can be bossy with other dogs, so ideally we would like her to be an only dog and have all the attention to herself. Happy in the company of adults, Muffin does seem to have an eye for the men and will bond quickly with them. Muffin is clean in the house, walks well on lead, is relaxed in the car and responds well to commands. She prefers to lie in front of the fire or on the floor rather than the sofa, although she isn’t adverse to a cuddle, but she’s not a needy dog.

Muffin would like an adult home, without young children, where she won’t be left alone for long periods.

5 year old Muffin is speyed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. If you are interested in offering Muffin a home, please complete our online Adoption Form

All home offers are subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.