Leo: A very special Chihuahua

Ok, you may think it’s really hard to take on a special needs dog, but it really isn’t as scary as you may think. We help as many special needs dogs as we can, and we do the necessary expensive vet work (thanks to our amazing supporters and fundraisers) to give them a bright future with the same lifetime support and rescue back up that all our adopted dogs get, and which every adopter has no option but to agree to in our adoption contract!

So, this bring us to lovely little Leo, a very special little fellow indeed. This gorgeous little man came into our care a couple of months ago via a caring Dog Warden who had picked him up abandoned, unchipped, presumed dumped, and severely under nourished on the South Coast and took him home to spend his statutory 7 days rather than see a disabled dog in kennels.

After being unclaimed this lovely little fellow found his way to CPR HQ and instantly made it his home, despite the fact this little guy has had hydrocephalus from birth (water on the brain), is blind in one eye and has about 5% sight in the other, and has coordination issues with his hind legs (not that he even realises, or lets it bother him!). We had to make sure he wasn’t suffering from epilepsy, a common condition in hydro dogs due to the pressure on their brain, but he has not once exhibited any symptoms since coming into our care in early October.

Leo doesn’t need a companion guide dog like some blind dogs do, however he does like to rest his overly large head on a fellow docile and accepting fellow pupster, so we’d like an accepting and placid dog in any potential new home offer. Research proves that 75% of hydrocephalus dogs can’t be housetrained, however Leo tells us he doesn’t like the rain, cold or wind, otherwise he is happy to go outside (a well placed puppy pad covers all bases!). He adores his food and it is the only time you’ll hear him bark in excitement before he inhales the offering. He needs reminding to go outside for a wee, but he always goes outside for any other business.

In a nutshell we are looking for someone who is willing to care for a special needs dog, after a period of adjustment, who is at home for the majority of the time, and who has a very placid small dog that needs an equally gentle companion. Leo will just need a small garden to potter about in and will only need the shortest of walks infrequently, although he does enjoy being walked in the comfort of his walker’s tight fitting jacket! Being almost completely blind he will need consistency in the layout of his home environment.

Leo is settled and completely safe in his foster home, so we are not looking to move him unless we can find the perfect home for him within a 30 minute drive of his veterinary surgery in Deal, CT14. His prognosis is guarded, despite how normal his behaviour is displaying at the moment. He may well develop epilepsy or other ailments in the future, and you will probably not be able to insure him – however we will be here for him always.

This special little man is estimated at approximately 2 years old, and is neutered, core vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated and being fostered in Deal, Kent.

Leo will need an organised and calm home environment without young children, routine is the key to keep Leo safe, secure and confident in his surroundings.

If you are interested in offering Leo a very special home, please complete our online Adoption Form including as much information as possible.

All Cinque Ports Rescue dogs are neutered (or subject to a neutering agreement if not of appropriate age), microchipped, core vaccinated and up to date with parasite treatment. They all have life time support and full backup, 4 weeks free insurance and an adoption pack including 5kg of Natural Instinct food and nutrition information.

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.