Zac: Pomeranian

Are you a calm family home who loves to get out and about for a good walk and days out? Are you looking for a fun friendly playful affectionate dog? Then you need to meet Zac as he’s a super boy, he adores his toys – his favourite game is fetch – and he is just so friendly, he loves everyone and has a permanent smile on his face. Zac is great with other friendly dogs and cats, he is clean in the home and excellent out on walks. Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love with him and now it’s time to help him find his perfect family.

Please now take a moment to read his full story and then please see Zac for who he is, rather than let his condition define him… because Zac has diabetes which in turn has caused him to develop bilateral cataracts which means he is now blind. However he doesn’t let this phase him in the least!

In early April we welcomed the very gorgeous Zac to the Rescue. He is 8 years young and is completely blind with bilateral cataracts caused by diabetes. He arrived with a mouth full of rotting teeth and exposed roots so, after a week on antibiotics to calm the infection in his mouth, he had an operation to remove the diseased and loose teeth and instantly felt much more comfortable afterwards. Thank you to Natural Instinct who sent Zac a hamper full of natural food which aided us in changing his diet and stabilising his diabetes.

Zac recovered extremely well from his dental procedure, which due to his diabetes he was kept on a drip to flush the anaesthetic through, and he suffered no ill effects, in fact the very next morning he was back to playing with his favourite squeaky ball! Zac had all the decayed and root exposed teeth removed and his mucky teeth thoroughly cleaned and immediately felt much more comfortable, and his breath is now much sweeter! As soon as he recovered we went to work on stabilising his diabetes and improving his insulin dose. Over the last 3 months Zac has regularly spent the day at our vets to have his glucose curve measured so we can make sure we have his insulin dose absolutely correct, we have now reached that stage and now Zac only requires 2 small insulin injections a day and a fructosamine test every 3 months. 

Zac is used to having his injections, he stands still for them and it doesn’t bother him in the slightest. They are very easy to do and we will make sure you are fully confident before he leaves for his new home. We are also happy to welcome Zac back if you go on holiday, or for days out as his health and wellbeing is paramount to us. Please feel free to contact us for a chat about Zac if you are unsure, don’t let his condition put you off as he really is a marvellous lad!

Zac is 8 years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and is being fostered in Deal, Kent.

If you are interested in offering Zac a home, or would like to have a chat with us about him, please complete our online Adoption Form

All home offers are subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.