Cassie: Cocker Spaniel

Cassie has now been REHOMED.

We were inundated with applications for Cassie so we apologise to anyone we haven’t contacted regarding an unsuccessful application.

We are looking for a very special and patient home for our lovely Cassie who has been in our care for quite some time, but is now ready to take the next steps in her forever home. Whomever is lucky enough to adopt Cassie will be assured of a wonderful and loyal companion but it will take a while to get there, so if you have the time, patience and love to give a very sweet natured and beautiful little girl then please read on…

When Cassie first arrived with us she was probably one of the most withdrawn dogs we have ever encountered.  We don’t believe that she had been abused but it was obvious she had had little or no human contact. During her first week with us there was very little progress, the only time she really showed any animation was at meal times, any sudden movements had her scuttling back to her bed — the bed she had chosen that was tucked under a chair and became her safe place.

Gradually after a couple of weeks she would accept approaches in her bed/safe place without running away, and would allow her foster mum to stroke her, despite this it was clear she so desperately wanted  to make friends, but really didn’t know how to!  Luckily Cassie is very motivated by food, which helps to gain her trust, but we have to use a slow feeder so she doesn’t inhale her meals, although initially she would at first grab any food on offer and run away with it.

She is very dependent on the other dogs in her foster home, and would need another resident dog in her new home. Being around other dogs in her foster home helped enormously as watching another dog was being made a fuss of gave her the courage to ask for a fuss too, and she now stands happily to be stroked.  She will also now jump up on the sofa and cuddle up, even without another dog there, and will paw or nudge if you stop stroking her. Only recently has she felt brave enough to make direct eye contact with her foster carer, but everyday now there are new little breakthroughs.

Although she still has big issues with humans, particularly men, she is very obedient and will let you do anything to her, bath, groom, ear clean etc, with no protest. She will come in from the garden when called, go to her bed when asked, and is nearly clean in the house. We still have the odd accident, but it is only now that we can start making it clear to her, by positive reinforcement methods, that this behaviour is not acceptable.

We won’t lie, lead training has been a struggle due to her complete lack of confidence, however her foster carers took it at her own pace putting a harness on regularly so she could get used to it. Walking on the lead started with small circuits of the garden — with lots of treats and encouragement — to now being able to pass people without cowering and slumping to the ground, although cars are still quite scary for her.  She is always walked with another dog and currently the same route every day to help build confidence and she is definitely beginning to enjoy her walks, lots of sniffing and tail wagging.

As her confidence increases we are discovering a very mischievous dog who adores playing with toys, which she hides in the garden, and she has just started playing tug of war with her carers and their other dogs. Cassie still has a long way to go, and will need someone who can give her the time to develop at her own pace.  She would be able to live with older calm children and cats, but as stated previously she must have another resident dog in the home.

Cassie is 2 years old, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

If you are interested in offering Cassie a home, please complete our online Adoption Form.

All Cinque Ports Rescue dogs are neutered (or subject to a neutering agreement if not of appropriate age), microchipped, core vaccinated and up to date with parasite treatment. They all have life time support and full backup, 4 weeks free insurance and an adoption pack including 5 kg of Natural Instinct food and nutrition information.

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.