Rudy & Teddy: Mixed Breed Buddies

*Rudy & Teddy have now been REHOMED*

This gorgeous pair of pups are incredibly bonded and are only apart for very short periods of time before they are looking for one another.  They might start off in separate beds at night but always end up together so we will be looking for a home where they can remain together.

Rudy is a Pomeranian & Chihuahua mix, he’s very handsome little chap with very good manners.  He is very affectionate and loves to spend time curled up beside you or on your lap and is very playful.  He usually has a favourite toy of the day and will want to play with it constantly.  He will stand in front of you and grumble until you throw his toy for him – if you don’t want your evening disturbed you need to be quite firm that there is a time and a place for toys!

He is good on the lead but would benefit from continued training as he will bark at other dogs, but only in an excitable way.  Rudy has a good appetite and eats well, is happy to be groomed and is fully house trained.

Teddy is a Chihuahua & Jack Russell mix, another very handsome little chap, but a typical 2nd child/dog and his manners aren’t quite as refined as Rudy’s. Teddy is also very affectionate and will happily curl up on your lap, but has a tendency to show possessive behaviour if another dog tries to get up, but he responds well to consistent and positive correction. He tends to be slighty more nervous than Rudy and hates the noise of the fan oven or extractor fan in the kitchen, he can occasionally show some ‘small dog syndrome tendencies’ but is easily distracted. Teddy also walks well on the lead but again would benefit from more training as he joins Rudy with barking at other dogs whilst out.  Teddy eats well and is also happy to be groomed and he is clean and quiet in the house.

If I could have chosen two dogs to experience the lock down with, I would not have found any better than these two little chaps – Rudy and Teddy! – Rudy & Teddy’s Foster Mum.

Both of them travel very well and are clean and quiet in the car, on walks their offlead recall, as far as we have tested in the garden or secure field, is very good.

They really love children and would be great with a family who would have the time to play with them and include them in family activities. They have boundless energy and need a decent size garden and lots of walking, so school age children would be preferable. They are both friendly with other dogs and have integrated well with the resident dogs in their foster home, although they will bark at other dogs outside the home on walks.

Rudy is 3 years old and Teddy is just 2 years, both are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and parasite treated. Rudy is a non moulting breed mix so please take into consideration regular grooming and double adoption donation costs before applying to adopt them.

If you are interested in offering Rudy & Teddy a home, please complete our online Adoption Form.

Please note that we are currently only rehoming locally and all home visits will be carried out with adherence to social distancing rules and appropriate PPE. 

All Cinque Ports Rescue dogs are neutered (or subject to a neutering agreement if not of appropriate age), microchipped, core vaccinated and up to date with parasite treatment. They all have life time support and full backup, 4 weeks free insurance and an adoption pack including 5 kg of Natural Instinct food and nutrition information.

All home offers will be subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.

Cinque Ports Rescue is run purely by volunteers so please be aware that your application may not be responded to immediately. Thank you for your patience.