Tally: Yorkshire Terrier

Tally has been REHOMED.

Tally is a waggy tailed affectionate little lady who gets so excited when it’s time for walkies. She is quiet and clean in the house and loves to spent her time close to her favourite person, and would really love somewhere where she’s allowed to sleep under, or next to the bed.

Despite her friendly loving nature it is very clear that Tally has been treated roughly in the past. We know she was handed in by a family home with multiple children, we also know they have had her from a puppy, but they had never taken her to a vet so she hadn’t been neutered, vaccinated or even microchipped. We have learned during her time in assessment with us that she will react to quick movements if she doesn’t know or trust someone – for example she has snapped at a foot that moved quickly to near to her head, and also when someone (who she didn’t know) loomed over her to stroke her. However we also know that if you take the time to gain her trust and give her the affection she craves she will follow you lovingly to the ends of the earth, and she will make an amazing companion to someone who will love her as she deserves. During her time with us we have  completed all her veterinary care, including removing a few uncomfortable teeth and she has been given a clean bill of health.

We are looking for a dog experienced home who can give Tally the security she craves, and will be confident to manage situation where she feels threatened. She loves meeting other dogs on walks but we believe she would prefer to be the only dog with all the attention lavished on her alone. She is excellent in the car, happy to be left for a few hours, and she is very friendly and well behaved out on walks.

Tally is 8 years old, speyed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and is being fostered near Deal in Kent.

If you are interested in offering Tally a home, please complete our online Adoption Form

All home offers are subject to vetting and a home visit, and an adoption agreement and donation are required.