Canine First Aid Course: *Now Fully Booked*

Tuesday 1st August 2017

1.30pm – 6pm at Mongeham Village Hall, Mongeham, Deal, Kent CT14 9LL

Contact to book a place.

Canine First Aid Workshop Content
• Introduction To First Aid
• The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 – its Boundaries and Limitations.
• Assessing a patient – A, B, C’s, pulse rates
• Handling and Restraint
• Haemorrhage, arterial bleeds.
• Wound classification, open and closed wounds
• Insect Stings
• Poisons, Symptoms, Common toxins
• Shock, Hypovolaemic, Vasculogenic, Cardiogenic
• Unconscious and Collapse,
• Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
• Epilepsy, differential diagnosis, poisoning etc
• Choking, stick in roof of mouth, opening a dogs mouth safely, Heimlich Maneuver
• Fractures, cruciate ligament injuries, growth plate injuries.
• Injuries to Eyes, Ears, Nose, prolapsed eyeball.
• Hypothermia
• Hyperthermia
• Gastric Dilation/bloat
• Drowning
• First Aid Kits