Wonky Wanda requires more surgery.

We are really upset to tell you all that one of the surgeries on Wonky Wanda’s legs has failed. Only last Monday she was signed off from her previous surgeries and we were led to believe her prognosis was excellent, however over the last few days it has become apparent that her left leg was twisting and failing to support her weight.

Today we whisked her to another specialist orthopaedic vet and the news isn’t good. Tomorrow Wanda is to undergo a corrective Osteotomy, this will break her ulna bone, remove an area of bowed bone and to fix the 2 joints that meet at the elbow as there is currently no ligament or cartilage holding them in place, despite her previous operation. Wanda’s leg will then be fixed with an exterior frame for 6 weeks. This is the last chance for her left foreleg as the alternative is to amputate.
Our supporters been so fantastic helping to raise funds for us and we are so sorry to have to ask for your help again as, even with a generous charitable discount, this surgery is estimated at £2,500. We are currently racking our brains to come up with some fundraising ideas so please get in touch if you can help or offer prizes. In the meantime we put our trust in Andre and his team at Toachim House Veterinary Surgery for tomorrow, and we will keep you updated on Wanda’s progress.