Poodle TLC at CPR!

Lady and Teddy are a Mother & Son duo who came into our care over the weekend. They have proved to both be lovely natured – but certainly needing some CPR TLC!

Teddy is Miniature Poodle cross suffering from hair loss and an infected eye as well as having a mouth full of rotting teeth. Yesterday he had a full check over, was neutered and had to have 23 rotten teeth removed! It also turns out that unusually he doesn’t have a naso-lacrimal duct, which means his tears don’t drain into the nasal cavity, causing them to spill out from his eyes instead. Without regular cleaning this has caused the hair loss around his eye and the localised eye infection he came in with.  With regular cleaning (we use a tissue soaked in Leucillin) this won’t cause a problem and his eyes are already looking much better. Teddy’s hair loss is a mystery as there is no inflammation there and no sign of allergies, so we have already started him on his new diet of Natural Instinct as we suspect it may be due to malnutrition from his previous diet and pain from his mouthful of rotten teeth.


Lady is in better condition at first glance but has a very scurfy coat and an uncomfortably large growth attached to her upper gum which we will be having removed today and sent off for testing. During her op she will also be having a much needed dental, although hopefully she won’t lose as many teeth as Teddy.

In preparation for her op we gave her a much needed groom and manicure which she thoroughly enjoyed.


If you would like to support Lady & Teddy’s treatment you can find out how to donate or order from our Amazon Wishlist here, or you can contact Lakeview Veterinary Centre directly.


Lady has fully recovered from her surgery and has found her forever home. Teddy is almost fully recovered and will be available for rehoming very soon.