Boris & Petal: Neglected St. Bernard’s

Boris & Petal were part of a welfare case of multiple Saint Bernard’s needing urgent assistance, having lived all their lives in a garden with a large group of St. Bernard’s. Initially rescued by Niall Lester of New Hope Animal Rescue, their story touched our hearts and we were only too happy to assist.

Boris is 9 years old and has been neglected his whole life. He is emaciated, weighing less than half that he should be with heavily thickened and scarred ears from years of bullying from the other dogs he was left in a garden with. He has horrendous ear infections, nails that were long, curved causing him pain to walk, matts and dead coat from never having been groomed. He has never known love, affection, kind words or treats and yet he is the sweetest boy.

Petal is around 7 years old and also neglected her whole life. She is underweight, with scarred ears, large matts and a rotten dead coat from never having been groomed. She is very shut down, having never known love, affection, kind words or treats but she trusted us as we pulled together to make her more comfortable and clean.

We are very grateful to The Groom Room and Pets at Home at Whitfield who donated full grooms and new collars & leads for these 2 special dogs.

You can follow their progress via our Facebook Page here.

Poor Boris in particular is going to need lots of medical care, so if you would like to contribute to Boris & Petal’s veterinary needs please visit our donation page here.

Thank you.