Daphne: Special Appeal

Daphne is a Chihuahua who came into CPR as an unwanted dog that had clearly been through some tough times. We know that a young age of 4 she has had been used for both breeding and has had no less than 7 homes, all passing her on due to her behaviour. Who could blame her for being angry at the world. Daphne didn’t move from her crate the first 3 days we had her, choosing to watch the world go by from the safety of her pink blanket, this blanket appeared to be the only consistence she had known.

Given time and patience, Daphne started to venture out with the other dogs in the foster home, however only when none of us humans were watching, if we dared look at her she withdrew, physically shaking at the thought of what was going to happen to her.

Daphne weighs in at 1.8kg, how anyone can think that it is ok to treat a dog this way is beyond us all here at the rescue, what we do know is that we have all the time in the world to show this scared little girl that she is safe and loved.

Daphne will now happily come and join us in the lounge with her pink blanket, however she is on high alert and never truly settles, she will come to her foster mum for a treat and runs off to eat it, her foster mum sees through the fear and is committed to how ever long it takes to help her.

This little girl has a long road ahead of her, a journey that everyone at CPR will take with her, showing her that life will be full of treats, walks, love and patience.

We do not like to ask for help, however if you feel like us that she deserves a chance, please please consider donating or buying her some treats or toys of her very own from our Amazon Wishlist. Thank you.