Heartbreaking diagnosis for Kia

Kia came into our care in 2011 after being left tied to a tree in a London park with an acute untreated skin allergy which had resulted in severe hair loss and infected skin. On arrival, after serving her statutory 7 days in a council pound, she was very traumatised but seemed to realise she was safe and soon started to visibly relax.

Despite initially being aged as between 8 to 10 years old by the Dog Warden and the vet at the pound, it transpires that her microchip has her date of birth as January 1998 which will make her 17 years old next birthday!

As well as her skin condition Kia suffered with bouts of pancreatitis but switching her on to a natural raw diet had an immediate effect and much improved her health. Due to her advancing years we decided that Kia would live out her years as a CPR Sponsor Dog at CPR HQ.

Unfortunately Kia recently developed a lump that we had removed under anesthetic and sent off to the lab for testing. It wasn’t good news. Kia has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, and due to her age she isn’t a good candidate for the treatment required to halt the progression of this awful disease. We have decided instead to make her remaining time with us full of her favourite things.

If you would like to help Kia enjoy her last few months you can buy her a gift from our Amazon Wishlist