Milo undergoes knee surgery

When 4 year old Milo had his first health check we discovered that he had a luxating patella (floating knee cap), whilst this is quite common in small dogs and some dogs can live happily with a mild luxation, we were in agreement with our vet that the best course of action was to repair his knee. His operation was carried out on the 21st October and he is now back at home with his foster carer recovering. Milo will need to be kept crated to restrict his movements, leaving only for toilet breaks and cuddles, for at least 4 weeks until we get vet approval to begin a slow exercise regime started for him. His surgery is very expensive so we would welcome, and be very grateful, for any donations towards his treatment.

December update:

Milo recovered well from his surgery and has just had his Christmas wish come true as he has found a home with a lovely lady Chihuahua for company!