Helping Wonky Wanda to walk!

It’s been a very emotional week at CPR, we have been asked to help some very special dogs and Wanda is no exception. She is only a 15 week old pup and was born with deformed front legs and struggles to be mobile so, even though our funds are rapidly depleting, we just knew we had to help her.
We have managed to get an appointment with a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon on Monday and he is also prepared to operate the same day (time is of the essence for a pup in this condition).
Please keep Wanda in your thoughts, and we will let you know how she gets on. At the moment she is settling in well and enjoying the company of other CPR dogs, including our very own Winnie who has buddied up with her (sensing a common bond, perhaps?).
We very much need your help at the moment, so please consider making a donation towards Wanda´s treatment – all details on how to do that are here.

Wanda Pupdate 8/06/16

We are pleased to let you all know that Wanda has come through her surgery and is recovering well, she has a long road ahead and is on strict crate rest, but she is very happy and her tail hasn’t stopped wagging. She due to see her surgeon again on the 27th June, and we will know more about her prognosis then.
We are so grateful to everyone who has donated towards her care, we have been truly touched by your generosity. Thank you so much!

You can follow Wanda’s progress on our Facebook page.